November 16, 2023
News Release

On November 16, 2023, the provincial government announced that the Surrey Police Board members have been paused and Mike Serr (retired Chief of the Abbotsford Police Department) has been appointed as the temporary Board Administrator. The government has taken this extraordinary step to ensure the policing transition can be completed efficiently and effectively.

During this time, all Board members’ appointments will be paused and they will resume their roles once the Province determines that the work of the Administrator is complete. Melissa Granum remains active as the Executive Director of the Surrey Police Board.

This will not impact the operations or administration of Surrey Police Service (SPS). The Board Administrator will assume all governance duties of the Surrey Police Board, including:

  • Employer of the police and civilian employees of SPS
  • Financial oversight for SPS
  • Establishing polices and direction for SPS
  • Managing Service or Policy complaints made against SPS

Mike Serr will begin work become orientated to this new role. Updates regarding public reporting on the work of the Board will be announced as soon as possible.

Read the Minister’s statement on appointment of administrator to act in place of Surrey Police Board

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